Drupal Web Developer (Consultant)

Publiée le : 07/03/2017 (Valable : 1 mois)
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01 Île de France
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Under the supervision of DPI/WEB Web Architect, and in direct cooperation with the Knowledge Management Specialist in the Section for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, the incumbent shall:

manage the day by day operations to secure and to maintain updated the Creativity platform,- discuss and implement improvements to optimize the performances of the platform,

develop new features, based on the needs expressed by DCE Policy&Research Unit, and mostly concerning front-end interactions such as forms, visualization of data, and content navigation tools,

debug existing features.

More information: https://en.unesco.org/careers/sites/careers/files/Job%20announcement_Dru...

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CV and letter of motivation to be submitted to Denis Pitzalis (d.pitzalis@unesco.org) and Emanuele Cidonelli (e.cidonelli@unesco.org) before 10 March 2017.